The NUK Household Product Range

Milk, pureed carrot and juice are just a few of the challenges that mothers face when it comes to cleaning their baby’s clothes and surroundings. It has to be really clean, but please, without a lot of chemicals!

That is why NUK developed their range of household products: they are all nature-based, mild, dermatologically tested – and, at the same time, have strong cleaning power.

Cleaning bottles and everything else.

NUK Bottle Cleanser

Effective cleaning that is gentle to babies: the NUK Bottle Cleanser. 

To get bottles, teats and breast pumps really thoroughly clean, we developed the effective NUK Bottle Cleanser with milk-splitting bio-enzymes. Bottles and accessories are clean without any residue.

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Washing baby clothes

NUK Laundry Detergent

Strong on stains, gentle to the skin:
NUK Laundry Detergent and Stain Remover. 

Puree, fruit, spat-out milk and leaking nappies – with the NUK Laundry Detergent and the NUK Stain Remover you can get your baby’s clothes and textiles really clean again. And on a completely natural basis – without aggressive chemicals.

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To NUK Household Cleaner

For clean floors and surfaces that you need not worry about: NUK Household Cleaner and Hygiene Spray. 

The rattle lands in the wastepaper basket, your baby’s mouth explores the floor – not a problem with the NUK Hygiene Spray and NUK Household Cleaner. They remove dirt, food leftovers and other stains thoroughly, safely and gently. Ready for the next adventure!

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Hygiene Wipes

NUK Hygiene Wipes

Baby-soft cleanliness for out and about! NUK Hygiene Wipes. 

The changing unit in the shopping centre, the high chair in the cafe or the soother in the puddle – NUK Hygiene wipes are the clean solution for when you are not at home: dirt and germs disappear in no time. So that everything is clean and safe for your baby when you are out and about too.

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The Frequently Asked Questions put to our Hygiene Experts

Experts interviewed about Household Detergents

Do I have to pay particular attention to hygiene during my pregnancy? How clean does it need to be for my baby?  Does it make sense to let my child come into contact with dirt and germs to strengthen the immune system? 

Here are the answers to the FAQs: find out more about the correct hygiene in a baby’s home in our Expert Interview with Prof Dr Bockmühl!