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Apps – for Tablets, Smartphones and Clever Parents

NUK Apps for iPhone & Co.

With mobile devices, everything is at your fingertips when you are out and about. That also makes them a useful “companion” for parents. NUK offers practical ideas and useful functions as apps too. Here you can find out what apps there are to download for free.

Intelligent Jigsaw Puzzles for Little Ones

the NUK-Puzzle-App

This educational NUK Jigsaw Puzzle App helps your child practise dexterity and skill in a playful way with you. On the farm, the cockerel, pig and tractor are waiting to be put back into the right part of the jigsaw puzzle. In the underwater world, the penguin is visiting the playful seal and the fat puffer fish.

Each scene is accompanied by the right background noises. As soon as your child has put a puzzle piece in correctly, a funny sound is made as a reward! On the farm, the cockerel crows, the pig grunts and the tractor chugs. And under the water, the fish blow bubbles as they race around!


Not only does the NUK Puzzle App let you and your child match pictures and sounds, it can help with the development of your child’s fine motor skills: by watching, touching, reacting and listening. Specially for little children: the simplified way the puzzle pieces fit into place. This means that even very small hands are quick to achieve successful results. Make sure that your child also plays with “real” toys.

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The 21st Century Baby Rattle

the NUK Baby Rattle App

Would you like to conjure up happiness on the faces of babies and little children? With the NUK Baby Rattle App it’s child’s play! Just switch on your iPhone or iPod Touch, shake it and you have attracted the attention of your little one.

Clever: with the NUK Baby Rattle App you can choose different rattle shapes and sounds, so, if there happens to be no toys around, you can offer your child something new again and again.

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