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Experts interviewed about pregnancy and birth

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Ask the Gynecologist

When can I tell my family and friends I'm pregnant?

Do I have to be afraid if I bleed during my pregnancy?

What is a 3D ultrasound examination?

What do I have to consider when travelling while pregnant?

Which examinations are performed during pregnancy?

How many ultrasound examinations are performed?

Is it possible that ultrasounds harm my baby?

What is a high risk pregnancy?

What can I do to become pregnant?

What are frequent problems during pregnancy?

How can I increase my probability of becoming pregnant?

Ask the Midwife

Can every woman breastfeed? Is it very bad if I cannot breastfeed?

Is it true that one cannot breastfeed with flat or inverted nipples?

Which breastfeeding positions are there?

How can I remove my baby from the breast carefully after it stops nursing?

How will I notice if my baby does not nurse well?

My breast is swollen, hot and painful. Why is that?

What to look for when buying a breast pump?

How can I recognise plugged milk ducts?

How do I latch on my baby properly for nursing?

Ask the Nutritionist

What does a perfect diet look like during pregnancy?

What can I do against pregnancy related complaints?

Why do pregnant women crave unusual food?