12 Tips to keep baby cool this summer

1.       Starting with the most obvious, air-conditioning and fans are absolute lifesavers in summer! If you don’t have access to these, closing window blinds will help keep the sun out and maintain a pleasant temperature indoors. If you need to go out, try to avoid direct heat between 10.00am- 4.00pm and stay in the shade when possible.

2.       Memories are made at the beach so don’t avoid it! Create your own shade with the Coleman Blue INSTANT UP Beach Shelter. It’s fast and simple to put up plus features an inside shelter for complete shade AND a front mat to keep baby off the sand. The rear window allows a sea-breeze to drift in so the shelter doesn’t trap hot air. 

3.       Whether you’re going to a friend’s house, a picnic or a park, try bringing your own sprinkler for your toddler to run around in. Hours of fun!

4.       SLIP- SLOP-SLAP! Invest in a good hat, some baby-safe sunscreen and even some baby shades. Light, loose clothes that cover shoulders and knees are ideal for hot summer days. Cover baby up and avoid sunburn. Keep the cute onesie for inside!

5.       Keep a cooling teething ring such as the NUK Dolphin Iced Teether in the fridge ready for those hot summer days. 

6.       Keep your newborn hydrated with breastmilk!  Breastmilk is made of 80% water plus contains natural sugars, salts and minerals to help prevent dehydration. 

7.       Babies over 6 months can enjoy cold water or juice straight from a sippy cup. The NUK Easy Straw Cup features an insulated wrap that will keep drinks cooler for up 6 hours longer. 

8.       Create home-made Popsicles with the NUK Fill & Freeze Pops. Simply fill, freeze and serve! Our favourite combos include homemade smoothies, yogurts, fruit juices and even breast milk. The Popsicle will cool baby’s mouth (particularly great for teething!) and provide a nutritious, refreshing snack!

9.       A cold flannel on a hot forehead will help cool down little. A wet headband works wonders too!

10.       Place a frozen water bottle in baby’s cot before bed-time to chill bed sheets. Baby may roll in and out of cool spots during the night to stay cool. Wrap the bottle in a light cloth bag to avoid creating damp sheets.

11.       A nice cool or tepid bath before bed is not only a relaxing evening ritual; it can also help lower baby’s temperature.  Make sure the water isn’t too cold otherwise it may cause shivering lips, fingers & toes!

12.       Gently mist baby with a spray bottle filled with water. Remember to use a wide nozzle, spray from a distance and avoid baby’s face.