Sippy Cups - is bub ready?

For the first six months of life your baby enjoys a diet exclusive of milk, fed either by breast or bottle… or sometimes both!  While milk continues to be important for baby’s’ development, from 6 months you can start to introduce other liquids such as water & juice. At around the same time you may notice your baby starts to grab their own bottle. This indicates the desire to self-feed and is a sign to introduce your baby to a sippy cup.

The question is which one? There are many sippy cups available from soft spouts to straw cups. This article will help you choose which one is right for your bub.

For baby’s first Sippy Cup, a non-spill silicone spout is essential. The soft silicone will feel familiar in baby’s mouth and therefore help reduce any nipple confusion while the non-spill feature will ensure baby continues to suck for liquid, just like breast or bottle feeding. Easy grip handles will encourage independent drinking. The NUK Training Bottle is compatible with all NUK First Choice Bottles & Teats too. 

When babies get teeth, they love to use them! From 12 months, try the NUK Kiddy Cup. It features a resilient hard spout and is resistant to sharp little teeth. The NUK Kiddy Cup holds 300ml for really thirsty children, while its contoured shape makes it easy for little hands to grasp and hold. Thanks to its transparent material, parents can always see how much their toddler has already drunk and if the cup is still full enough.

Children over 18 months love drinking from a straw cup! The NUK Flexi Cup features a soft silicone straw in an ultra-lightweight 300ml bottle. A special vent makes it spill proof and prevents liquid remaining in the straw, so nothing can squirt out when the cup is opened.

For mobile toddlers over 36months, a push-pull drink bottle is ideal to keep up with their growing thirst. The NUK Junior Cup 300ml and the NUK Sports Cup 450ml feature a practical push-pull spout that easily to opens and closes. Made of silicone and particularly durable and hygienic, the spout can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Using the practical clip, the cup can be attached to a backpack, for example, so that active children can have both hands free for playing.