Snacking On The Go

A toddler’s appetite can be hard to predict at the best of times. Each day may seem like a daily battle, food vs toddler, with mum or dad acting as the referee. Each bite a score for the home team! And while mealtimes at home may be challenging, when hunger strikes out and about, it helps to be prepared with some toddler friendly snacks to avoid the ever-dreaded toddler tantrum!

These are our top five favourite products for eating on the go

1. For mess free mobile snacking – NUK Active Snacker

Sultanas, fruit & biscuits are all great snacks for toddlers. To avoid having snacks sprayed across the backseat of the car, keep them contained in the NUK Active Snacker. The soft silicone flaps are gentle on little hands plus it comes with a lid to keep snacks fresh.  

2. The essential utensil - NUK Rest Easy Spoon with Box

You’re favourite weaning spoon now comes in a convenient travel box! The NUK Rest Easy Spoon features a long handle with a soft tip for scooping and wiping during feeding. The storage box helps keep germs off the spoon before feeding, and mess out of your baby bag post meal.  

3. Mash in a dash – NUK Food Masher & Bowl

Create healthy baby food quickly and easily with the NUK Food Masher & Bowl. Mash soft vegetables such as pumpkin, or delicious fruits like banana or avocado, using the grooved bowl and hand held masher. Easy!

4. The must-have Food Pouch accessory - NUK Pouch Feeding Straw & Spoon

Food pouches are an excellent option for feeding on the go, especially when homemade baby food isn’t available. The NUK Pouch Feeding Straw & Spoon attaches to all leading Food Pouch brands as a hygienic and safe feeding tool. Feed bub yourself using the spoon or attach the silicone straw to promote self-feeding. 

5. Food storage solution – NUK Stackable Pots

Proportion and store baby food in the NUK Stackable Pots for a quick meal ready anytime, anywhere. The pots are round and can hold 65ml, 75ml or 85ml. There are two pots of each size in a pack. So you always have a fresh meal ready for your child!