Freestyle Soother

  • Innovative mouth shield with ventilation holes for less skin contact
  • Particularly skin-friendly*
  • The NUK Shape - right for the jaw
  • Silicone baglet, anatomically-shaped mouth shield with a ring

NUK Freestyle Silicone Soother with Ring, 2 per pack

A gentle feeling for your baby’s delicate skin: the NUK Freestyle Soother is particularly skin-friendly because its innovative mouth shield allows air to reach the skin as your baby sucks. And this soother also looks adorable! 

Particularly skin-friendly*  
Large ventilation holes are a distinguishing feature of the new mouth shield. These holes minimise skin contact because less of the mouth shield touches the skin and they allow air to reach the skin as your baby sucks. This helps protect the skin against pressure marks, irritation and redness that can occur when a traditional mouth shield presses against the skin for a long time and moisture collects under it. Of course, the domed and anatomically-shaped mouth shield of the NUK Freestyle still fits perfectly against your baby’s face. 

The NUK Freestyle has a narrow ring onto which a soother chain, for example, can be fastened. The discreet design of the ring fits in perfectly with the design of the soother. 

The NUK Shape that is right for the jaw - for healthy oral development
The flattened silicone baglet, which is modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds, leaves enough room for natural sucking movements. The domed shape fits perfectly against the roof of the baby’s mouth and the flat lip rest minimises pressure on the jaw. This way, the NUK Freestyle, like all other NUK Soothers, exercises the jaw, palate, tongue and lips and boosts healthy oral development. 

And this is what mothers say*
"The soother fits perfectly against my baby´s face!" said 92% of mothers, who already tested the NUK Freestyle before it came on the market. 88% rated the soother as "particularly skin-friendly" and 86% as "particularly innovative".

NUK Freestyle Soother – delightful to look at and gentle to your baby’s delicate skin!


*Source: Consumer study of 100 mothers in Germany 08/2012