Micro Express Microwave Steam Steriliser

  • Serilises bottles and accessories in just 4 minutes
  • Ideal for baby feeding accessories that are used daily
  • Suitable for NUK First Choice and Classic bottles 
  • Bottle tongs for hygienic removal are included
  • Please note the minimum required size of the microwave
  • Bottles not included
$39.95 incl. GST, plus shipping costs

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Toddlers are demanding - especially about their food. They need several warm meals a day and their bottles and teats have to be clean and sterilised every time.

The NUK Micro Express Microwave Steam Steriliser sterilises baby bottles (PA bottles are not suitable for this appliance), their accessories (except soothers) and breast pump parts. Using steam, sterilisation takes 4 minutes without any chemicals at all (1000-1300 watt microwave power setting).

Up to four, 300 ml NUK First Choice Baby Bottles can be sterilised at the same time. Thanks to its clever holder, the bottles are in the right position for drying. With just three components, the NUK Micro Express Microwave Steam Steriliser  is easy to use. It fits into all standard microwaves with a minimum interior of 187mm in height and 280mm in both width and depth.

The NUK Micro Express Microwave Steam Steriliser is suitable for bottles of all shapes and sizes that are made of microwaveable material. It is transparent so that you can check the status of the sterilisation process.  Once finished, it can be simply wiped with a cloth and, if it needs to be cleaned, it is also dishwasher-proof.

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