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First Choice Plus Starter Set

  • 1 x NUK Micro Express Steriliser
  • 1 x Thermo Express Baby Food Warmer
  • 2 x First Choice+ 150ml PP Bottles, Sil, 0-6m, Medium Hole for milk
  • 2 x First Choice+ 300ml PP Bottles, Sil, 0-6m, Medium Hole for milk
  • 2 x First Choice+ Teats, Sil, 0-6m, Small Hole for breast milk
  • 2 x Ultra Dry Breast Pads
  • 1 x Bottle & Teat Brush Set
  • 1 x Genius Silicone Soother 0-6m
  • from 0 m

NUK First Choice Plus Starter Set – Essential Products to Sterilise, Prepare and Feed baby.

The NUK First Choice Plus Starter Set contains everything you need to begin bottle feeding your baby, making the transition between breast and bottle easier. For many decades, mothers throughout the world have been putting their trust in NUK’s high-quality baby products, which help and promote the healthy overall development of children right from the start.

NUK Micro Express Steriliser

Sterilise bottles, accessories and breast pump parts in the NUK Micro Express Steriliser. Using steam, sterilisation takes 4 minutes without any chemicals at all (1000-1300 watt microwave power setting). Up to four, 300 ml NUK First Choice Baby Bottles can be sterilised at the same time and thanks to its clever holder, the bottles are in the right position for drying.

NUK Thermo Express Baby Food Warmer

Warm up milk or baby food quickly and gently in just 90 seconds using the NUK Thermo Express Baby Food Warmer. Suitable for all standard bottles and baby food jars, simply add water and let steam gently and evenly heat the contents to the  right feeding temperature of approx. 37°C.

First Choice Plus Bottles

The extra-wide bottle of the NUK First Choice Bottles makes them easy to fill and clean. The contoured shape means that the bottle can be gripped securely and the wide base gives stability. NUK First Choice Bottles are made of high-quality polypropylene that is particularly resistant and suitable for freezing.

NUK First Choice Plus Teats – the most natural teat for your baby

The NUK First Choice+ Teat lets your baby drink in a relaxed and natural way, almost like breastfeeding. The teat, which is right for the jaw, has a flexible, extra-soft zone and an improved Anti-Colic Air System. It is particularly well-accepted by babies and is especially well suited too, if you would like to bottle and breastfeed together.

This set includes the ideal size for your newborn, 0-6 months. A combination of Medium Hole (Bottles) and Small Hole Teats (replacement pack) are included for the combined feeding of formula and breastmilk respectively.

Bottle & Teat Brush Set

The NUK Bottle & Teat Brush Set is made with high quality rigid bristles to ensure the thorough cleaning of teats and bottles. Compact design allows for easy storage with the smaller teat brush residing within the bottle brush.

Ultra Dry Breast Pads

The NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads feature an extremely absorbent core that soaks up moisture and transforms it into a stable gel-like substance, keeping the pad drier for longer. Ultra-thin and extra wide, the pad contours perfectly to the breast for a discreet appearance. Super soft on the inside with an adhesive strip on the outside, the NUK Ultra Dry Nursing Pads are individually wrapped for hygienic and convenient use.

NUK Genius Soother

The NUK Genius Soother has the NUK Shape that is right for the jaw and an anatomically-shaped mouth shield made of high-quality synthetic material. In the NUK Genius, the shape of the baglet has been further optimised, to reduce the pressure on the teeth and jaws to a minimum.

NUK Silicone Soothers are made from a high-quality synthetic material. The clear silicone material is easy to clean and particularly heat-resistant. It can be boiled, is free from harmful substances, odourless, transparent and has a smooth surface – all qualities that are important in a soother.