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NUK has the right size of teat for every age group and every type of food. As the mouth grows, so too should the child's soothers and teats to adapt to the mouth and jaw development at every stage of life. Our researchers and developers found out how a child’s palate changes between 0 and 36 months and developed teat sizes for four different age groups.

The NUK Size System provides two teat sizes with different hole sizes for different foods: Size 1 from 0-6 months old and Size 2 from 6 -18 months old. The hole sizes S, M and L are ideal for breast milk, formula and thicker feeds (puree, reflux formula) respectively.

All NUK Soothers are available in 0-6 months and 6-18 months. The NUK Genius Soother comes in a special size, 0-2 months, for particularly delicate and light newborns. For babies who are not ready to give up the soother, we also produce a soother sized 18-36 months.