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of the mothers surveyed would recommend the NUK Space for babies with tender skin to others.*

NUK Space Pacifier

Allows baby's gentle skin to breathe

Pacifiers are often wonderful little helpers for calming babies and satisfying their innate need to suck. The NUK Space is particularly kind to baby’s delicate skin. Its extra-large ventilation holes ensure greater air circulation and thus let the skin breathe more effectively.

When sucking, babies exercise and train multiple muscles required in order to swallow, chew, and speak properly as they grow. The design of the NUK Space pacifier is so flat and narrow in order to fit perfectly well into baby’s tiny mouth while leaving the tongue enough space for natural sucking movements. As confirmed by midwives, pediatricians, orthodontists*, and mothers**.

* Independent Market Research, 114 Mothers; Germany 2018

But the NUK Space offers so much more: the pacifier has the best teat NUK ever developed in the original NUK shape. It is modeled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds and promotes healthy oral development of the baby. After all, it has been proven that:

sucking is not only important for consuming food, it also promotes the acquisition of other key abilities.

92% of the breastfeeding mothers confirm that the NUK Pacifiers did not affect breastfeeding.*

NUK Pacifiers feel familiar and fit optimally into babies’ mouths. 95% of the babies accept them.*

100% of the orthodontists confirm that the new NUK Pacifiers do not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment.**


* Independent market research, 307 mothers, Germany 2017

** Independent market research, 50 orthodontists, Germany 2017

As babies grow, their jaws and palates also increase in size. To ensure that a pacifier always fits perfectly, the NUK Space comes in three different  sizes*.

* The size recommendation is indicative and may vary depending on your child’s individual development.

The new NUK Space is not just a hit with experts: the design has also proven popular with old and young alike. The light and airy pacifier comes in a range of adorable designs: choose between the tiger, koala, bear, and whale ... or just take them all!