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NUK Refill-Concentrate for NUK Bottle Cleanser 500ml

  • Refill-concentrate for NUK Bottle Cleanser (500ml refill concentrate mixed with 500ml water, makes 1000ml NUK Bottle Cleanser)
  • For baby-friendly and harmless cleaning of bottles and teats – now even more effective
  • With the power of enzymes, cleanser removes milk, baby food, oats and juice residues reliably
  • Naturally based ingredients, biodegradable, free of perfumes and colouring agents
  • Rinses off without residues, ph-skin-neutral, dermatologically tested

NUK Refill-Concentrate for NUK Bottle Cleanser 500ml, for cleaning bottles and teats, baby gentle cleanser, removes stubborn milk and baby food residues, free of perfumes and colouring agents

NUK Refill-Concentrate for NUK Bottle Cleanser: removes even stubborn residues of milk and puree - leaving no traces.  

With the NUK Refill-Concentrate, NUK Bottle Cleansers can be refilled very easily. Already 250ml of concentrate mixed with 250ml of water makes a full 500ml bottle of bottle cleanser. The concentrate is therefore sufficient for 2x refilling.  

The formula is based on natural ingredients and contains enzymes to reliably remove milk, baby food, oats and juice residues. The formula is so gentle that baby tableware such as baby bottles and teats, cups, plates, but also breastfeeding accessories as well as washable toys, can be cleaned baby-friendly.

By the way: because nature is close to our hearts, our NUK Refill-Concentrate bottle is made of 100% recycled PET. For more cleaning and less packaging waste.

To cleanse feeding bottle

Add 250ml of water to 250ml of concentrate (see 250ml mark on the bottle) and the cleanser is ready to use. Completely without shaking. To rinse the baby bottle, add a squirt of cleanser into the bottle. Using a bottle brush, wash gently but thoroughly in a little warm water. Rinse thoroughly using clean water. For sterilisation we recommend the NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer.

Notes: Always keep the cleanser out of children’s reach. If the product gets into your eyes rinse immediately with water. If inadvertently swallowed seek medical advice.

How does the NUK Bottle Cleanser work?

In the first months of life, a baby’s food is first and foremost milk and puree. After feeding, leftovers remain on bottles, teats, cups and plates and germs, bacteria and bad smells can build up there.

To remove these residues gently, we have developed the NUK Bottle Cleanser. Here ingredients were omitted, which are not necessary for the cleaning of baby food. Instead, the NUK Bottle Cleanser contains enzymes that are particularly effective against milk protein and thickeners.

Even in nature, enzymes also help to break down and dissolve proteins. For this reason, the formula of the new bottle cleanser is based on this model from nature. Thanks to the thin consistency, the cleanser disperses quickly. The proteins residues are cracked open by the enzymes and can be easily rinsed away completely.