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This is fun! There is now something that makes drinking even more fun! The new NUK Cups with Chameleon Effect excite children because the motif on the cup changes when warmed or cooled. You can hardly believe it! Your little ones won't want to let one out of their hands.

Whether in the bathtub, or while drinking tea or having a game with ice cubes - whenever it gets really warm or cold, your child can experience the colour-changing effect. How? The motifs on the NUK Cups with Chameleon Effect are temperature-sensitive. The colour disappears or appears whenever the cup is warmed up or cooled down. At room temperature, even warm hands can produce the effect. On a winter walk, you can experience the colour change with a warm tea. In the bathtub, a cool stream of water or some ice cubes make it fun to see the colour change. There are no limits to the imagination. And when a cup is this exciting, interest in drinking also increases in a very natural and happy way.

Of course, the NUK Cups with Chameleon Effect are also spillproof. You will find the chameleon effect on a whole range of NUK cups. Suitable for children who are 12 months or older, up to the age group of children over 24 months.

Motivate drinking by making it fun.

Sometimes it seems impossible to get the little ones to drink enough. If the fun is missing, the little mouth stays closed. NUK knows that.

The NUK Cups with Chameleon Effect motivate children to drink again and again by making them have fun. Individual elements of the cup design react to heat and change their colour. With this new key feature, NUK is giving the most popular cups a completely new quality.

Makes drinking fun

By making it an interactive experience.

Promotes sufficient drinking

Extra motivation to keep drinking and use it again and again.

Spill proof

Relaxed parents! Everything stays dry even when your child plays with the cup.

Playful ways to change the colour:

Helping to wash up

Switching between warm washing-up water and cold water from the tap won't make the pile of dishes any smaller, but it will make it more fun for your little ones.

A snowstorm inside

Your little ones get a hat and scarf, the cup with chameleon effect gets nice warm tea. The colour-changing fun is already beginning. And when the cup is empty, its colour changes back.

Warming-up race

With mummy, daddy or the siblings, rubbing, breathing and cuddling in a race. Whoever manages to change the colour the fastest is the winner.

Cuddle attack

Cuddle up tight with mummy. And let the cup join in, too, of course. It'll be nice and warm and change colour.

Summer heat

When the temperature really climbs in the summer, the cup changes colour all by itself. With a delicious cool drink, the colour changes back again.

Bathtub fun

The cup can go into the bathtub with you. With warm water from the tub and cool water from the tap, the motif can be changed back and forth again and again.

Cup on the rocks

Ice cubes are fun! Even more when you fill them into a cup with a chameleon effect.